2023-11-22 08:21:53

LCA study on LeydenJar’s silicon anode shows a potential reduction in CO₂-e emissions of up to 85%

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Banner for Consumer Technology Association

2022-12-30 13:41:08

CES 2023: LeydenJar boosts batteries of consumer electronics with pure silicon anodes

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Two man in a lab

2022-12-09 13:05:28

LeydenJar secures EU backing in financing of new battery factory

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Unique European partnership project: greenSPEED

2022-11-18 10:54:41

LeydenJar with BMW, VARTA and others in development of sustainable EV battery

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Eirini Sarli

2022-06-24 11:58:55

LeydenJaree in the spotlight: Eirini Sarli, Characterization Engineer

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