Using LeydenJar anodes

LeydenJar anodes provide consumer electronics and other technology mind-blowing battery performance.

LeydenJar anodes allow for boundless batteries

No battery restraints = endless innovation

What if we are not restricted by batteries anymore? What if batteries offer opportunities to innovate due to extra power and freed-up space? 

The high energy density of LeydenJar anodes allows for the creation of batteries that are thin, flexible and very powerful. The configuration of the batteries can be adapted to the envisioned use. Consumer electronics benefit most from a battery that is smaller in size, whilst EVs mainly look for a more powerful battery. LeydenJar anodes can be adjusted to the envisioned use, to create a battery that perfectly matches the requirements of various applications.

“Charged it a few days ago and it still runs”

Laptops & Phones

Software and hardware place huge demands on batteries of laptops and smartphones. Consumers hardly realize the increased battery capacity needed, but do expect their devices to last longer every year. Be able to stay ahead of expectations and the competition by using LeydenJar anodes to create laptops and phones that have a 70% longer battery life.

Add additional functionalities to laptops and phones: the 40% freed-up space (that’s almost 3 spare-mint gums of free space in the next Iphone) could be used for hardware such as cameras, additional storage, processing discs, additional screen functionalities… R&D couldn’t be happier with this freedom to innovate. 

Why use LeydenJar anodes for laptops and phones?

  • 70% increase in energy compared to current laptop and phones batteries: 1350 Wh/L 
  • 40% decrease in size compared to industry’s average batteries for laptop and phones
  • Cycle life on par with industry average 
Laptops & Phones image

“You don’t even feel it when you wear it”


Wearables like headphones and smartwatches need to get smaller and lighter, whilst demands for battery life and advanced functionalities increase. Something’s got to give, it seems. Fortunately, that is not the case.

LeydenJar  introduces a smaller and more powerful solution: LeydenJar anodes, which enables batteries to be more powerful, without increasing in size or weight. Charging headphones and smartwatches only once a week or freeing up 40% of the battery space… The future of wearables looks drastically different when using LeydenJar anodes.

Why use LeydenJar anodes for wearables?

  • 70% increase in energy compared to current wearables batteries: 1350 Wh/L 
  • 40% decrease in size compared to industry’s average batteries for wearables
  • Cycle life on par with industry average 
Wearables image

“No restrictions by chord”


Chords dissapear. Consumers get a taste of the chord-less life via wireless headphones and chordless vacuumcleaners. But batterylife of powertools is often a bottleneck for mass adoption of consumers. 

By using LeydenJar anodes, your powertools outperform the market on terms of operating time, additional functionality and weight. What new functions would you add? And which new markets can you enter when your tools become much lighter and smaller? 

Why use LeydenJar anodes for Powertools?

  • 70% more power in a single battery, allowing for an almost doubled operating time
  • 40 % smaller battery, allows for additional functionalities on powertools
  • 40 % reduction in weight, resulting in new use cases
Powertools image

“Reach remote areas with advanced aid”


The major problems with drones? Their flight range. Drones have great potential to do things humans cannot, such as high speed deliveries of goods and aid to remote areas, or perform operations in dangerous conditions. Flying helpers could seriously brighten our future.

LeydenJar anodes provide drones with a great leap in battery capacity, without adding any weight. In fact, batteries could be smaller and lighter, to perform even more operations. Additional cameras or tools could be carried, taking them to destinations that where unreachable before. 

Why use LeydenJar anodes for drones?

  • 70% increase in energy compared to current drone batteries: 1350 Wh/L 
  • 40% decrease in size compared to industry’s average batteries for drones
  • Cycle life on par with industry average 
Drones image

“Only upsides compared to gasoline”

Electronic Vehicles

Electronic vehicles (EVs) develop rapidly. There is a serious battle on getting EVs to the market with the biggest mileage per charge, whilst also being able to fast-charge. Discovering a way to outperform on these specs can lead to gaining a significant piece of the market-pie.

LeydenJar anodes enable EVs to drive 70% further: an incredible increase, whilst also decreasing the total battery pack size and weight. But hold your horses: LeydenJar anodes will be feasible for EVs mid 2025. Be among the first to take place in trials and sign up for the waiting list.

Electronic Vehicles image

LeydenJar anodes for Battery Industry

Use LeydenJar anodes to build battery cells that shock the industry.

Applications for Battery Industry

Using LeydenJar anodes in battery cells

LeydenJar anodes can be easily integrated in many different battery cells and configurations. The battery’s energy density will be improved by 70% on average, while size and weight of the total cell can be reduced.

The cell’s production process will be shorter, cheaper and less complex when using the ‘plug and play’ LeydenJar anodes. Due to the unique dry production process, the fault sensitivity drops and less production resources are required.

LeydenJar’s production processes are highly scalable, allowing your production process to benefit from great availability of anodes.

LeydenJar R&D continuously tests innovative configurations to improve on several variables. LeydenJar is open to partnerships and strives to create a future full of energy. Doing things together will get us there faster. Use LeydenJar anodes to build battery cells that shock the industry.

Serious battery improvements and multiple benefits for your operations

Why use LeydenJar anodes for battery cells?

Serious improvements in battery performance

  • Outstanding battery performance in energy density, rate capability, quick charge
  • Reduce size (volume) or weight of total battery
  • High degree of flexibility in cell format, wide range of cell capacity (0.2Ah –  25Ah)
  • Compatible with common off the shelve cathodes and electrolytes leads to various battery configurations

Multiple benefits for your operations

  • Easy, seamless integration in production process
  • Shorter production process saves time and resources: from 4 to 1 production steps.  
  • Simpler process analysis saves time and resources, and reduces fault sensitivity: from 1400 process parameters to <30
  • Lower energy consumption decreases CO2 emissions and costs
  • Scalable production accommodates large series battery production

The future is full of energy

Let’s discuss the opportunities for your technology.