Eirini Sarli

“My name is Eirini and I joined the company one year ago as a Laboratory Technician within the Battery team and recently moved to the production team. The most exciting part of my work is progressing towards an innovative product that could contribute to a more sustainable and efficient option for battery applications.”

In Eirini’s motivation for personal growth, she was recently promoted to Characterization Engineer to support LeydenJar’s production process. She now contributes to LeydenJar’s silicon anode technology by developing new characterization methods in a team of Materials Scientists and Process Engineers. These new methods help LeydenJar to examine the unique silicon morphology and adjust it to the specific needs of the customer.

Dare to pioneer: this core value best summarizes the perfect match between LeydenJar and Eirini. “My passion is laying between creativity and curiosity. I am always curious to learn and try exciting new things which can have impact. The LeydenJar team is the most motivated, supportive and ambitious team I have ever worked with.”

Eirini shows her adventurousness outside of the lab too. “I love cooking, travelling, and experimenting with photography, where my daily inspiration comes from. My guilty pleasure is chocolate and Greek souvlaki; I really cannot resist when they are around!”