Using LeydenJar anodes

LeydenJar anodes deliver mind-blowing battery performance to consumer electronics and other technology.

LeydenJar anodes allow for boundless batteries

No battery restraints = endless innovation

What if batteries no longer restricted us? What if innovation in electronics wasn’t restricted by battery capacity limitations?

The high energy density of LeydenJar anodes allows for the creation of batteries that are thin, flexible and extremely powerful. 

Consumer electronics benefit most from a battery that is smaller in size, while EVs seek a more powerful battery. LeydenJar anodes can be adjusted to meet the requirements of any product or application.

“Charged it a few days ago and it still runs”

Laptops & Phones

Software and hardware place enormous demands on the batteries of laptops and smartphones. Stay ahead of the competition with LeydenJar anodes to create laptops and phones with 70% longer battery life and 40% more space.
The batteries could be used for hardware such as cameras, external storage drives, processing discs, and so much more… Imagine the freedom to innovate!

Why use LeydenJar anodes for laptops and phones?

  • 70% increase in energy: 1350 Wh/L 
  • 40% decrease in size 
  • Cycle life on par with industry average 
Drawing phone

“This version is smaller AND smarter”


While the demand for increased battery life and functionality of wearables like headphones and smartwatches grows, so does the need for smaller, lighter devices.

LeydenJar introduces a smaller and more robust solution: LeydenJar anodes, which enable batteries to be more powerful, increasing battery space by 40% without increasing size or weight. The future of wearables looks drastically different with LeydenJar anodes.

Why use LeydenJar anodes for wearables?

  • 70% increase in energy: 1350 Wh/L 
  • 40% decrease in size 
  • Cycle life on par with industry average 
Drawing of watch

“No restrictions by chord”


Consumers benefit from cordless life with wireless headphones and cordless vacuums. But the battery life of power tools is a bottleneck for mass adoption.

Using LeydenJar anodes, power tools outperform the market in terms of operating time, added functionality, and weight. What new functions would you add?

Why use LeydenJar anodes for Powertools?

  • 70% more power 
  • 40% smaller battery
  • 40% reduction in weight
Drawing of drill

“Reach remote areas with advanced aid”


Drones have great potential to provide humanitarian aid like deliveries of goods to remote areas and in dangerous conditions. The problem: their flight range.

LeydenJar anodes provide drones with a significant leap in battery capacity without adding any weight. Batteries can be smaller, lighter, and have increased functionality. Cameras or tools could be delivered to previously unreachable destinations.

Why use LeydenJar anodes for drones?

  • 70% increase in energy: 1350 Wh/L 
  • 40% decrease in size 
  • Cycle life on par with industry average 
Drawing of drone

“Sustainable gasoline replacement”

Electric Vehicles

Electronic vehicles (EVs) develop rapidly. There is a race to get the fastest charging, farthest mileage per charge, to the market. LeydenJar anodes provide a way to outperform the rest.

LeydenJar anodes enable EVs to drive 70% farther while decreasing the total battery size and weight. But there’s more: LeydenJar anodes will be available for EVs mid-2025. Get in contact with us to be among the first to receive the latest specs.

Drawing of car

LeydenJar anodes for Battery Industry

Use LeydenJar anodes to build battery cells that shock the industry.

Applications for Battery Industry

Using LeydenJar anodes in battery cells

LeydenJar anodes can be easily integrated into many different battery cells and configurations. The battery’s energy density will be improved by an average of 70%, while the size and weight of the total cell are reduced. The cell’s production process will be shorter, cheaper, and less complex when using the ‘plug and play’ LeydenJar anodes, as the unique dry production process requires fewer production resources.

LeydenJar R&D continuously tests innovative configurations to improve on several variables.

LeydenJar is open to partnerships and strives to create a future full of energy. Working together will allow us to build battery cells that will shock the industry faster.

Serious battery improvements and multiple benefits for your operations

Why use LeydenJar anodes for battery cells?

Serious improvements in battery performance

  • Outstanding battery performance in energy density, rate capability, quick charge
  • Reduce size (volume) or weight of total battery
  • High degree of flexibility in cell format, wide range of cell capacity (0.2Ah –  25Ah)
  • Compatible with standard off-the-shelf cathodes and electrolytes leads to various battery configurations

Multiple benefits for your operations

  • Easy, seamless integration in production process
  • Shorter production process saves time and resources: from 4 production steps to 1.  
  • Simpler process analysis saves time and resources, and reduces fault sensitivity: from 1400 process parameters to <30
  • Lower energy consumption decreases CO2 emissions and costs
  • Scalable production accommodates large series battery production

The future is full of energy

Let’s discuss the opportunities for your technology.