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Press release 20-11-19


LeydenJar to open pilot plant for high energy density batteries

Dutch startup LeydenJar is opening a pilot plant for manufacturing new-generation batteries that store up to 50 percent more energy. LeydenJar and a number of joint development partners hope to use the pilot plant, which is set to be up and running by mid-2020, to demonstrate that the revolutionary batteries can be manufactured for the same price as traditional lithium-ion batteries. The spectacular increase in energy storage is due to the porous silicon structure that has been patented by LeydenJar.

"The new pure silicon anode technology, which we developed together with the TNO research institute, will mean an incredible breakthrough," says Christian Rood, founder of LeydenJar. “Using the current technology it is difficult to up the energy contained in a battery, but LeydenJar's approach means an increase of 50 percent without having to dramatically change the production process. That's a major advance towards meeting the growing demand for energy storage, be it in e-flight, electric vehicles, consumer electronics or stationary storage.

“The new anode technology from LeydenJar also means major opportunities for the battery gig factories we need in Europe to meet the demand," Rood believes. "And that is why the European Union is, together with BOM Brabant Ventures, DOEN Participaties and informal investors, investing in the region of four million euros in the project.”

"We are very happy that we can use our knowledge of materials to contribute to this development," says Rolph Segers of TNO. “LeydenJar is set to play a significant role in the manufacture of a new generation of batteries in a competitive pan-European ecosystem.”
“Better and cheaper batteries accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system," says Wouter van Westenbrugge of DOEN Participatie. “LeydenJar's technology can have a major impact in that respect, bringing down the price of energy transition and also making it more accessible to all levels of society."

"LeydenJar is opening a pilot plant in the heart of the Brainport region," adds Marc de Haas, Business Developer at BOM Brabant Ventures. "That equates to great opportunities for Brabant companies in terms of playing a significant role in a market that is crucial for energy transition. And BOM Brabant Ventures is happy to contribute to that.”


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