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LeydenJar Technologies BV is a European based high tech venture, developing pure silicon anodes and its production technology, to boost the energy density of Li-ion battery cells for consumer electronics, electric vehicles, and residential energy storage.



LeydenJar Technologies Team

Our team harbours capabilities in battery technology, plasma depositioning, production, and high tech venturing, and is closely aligned with our technology institute- and industrial partners.

Christian Rood

Co-founder, CEO

Co-founded LeydenJar Technologies in April 2016. Chris has a background in high tech venturing and investments and holds a MSc. in Business from Erasmus University and an executive MBA from IMD.

Gabriël de Scheemaker

Co-founder, CFO/COO

Co-founder of LeydenJar Technologies. Before this, Gabriël held senior positions at Shell’s renewable energy division and in corporate venture capital. Gabriël holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Delft University and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.

Yiseop Ahn


Before joining LeydenJar Technologies, Yiseop was a senior scientist at leading battery manufacturers Samsung, LG Chem and A123. Yiseop is a Korean citizen and holds a masters degree in Inorganic Chemistry from Chonnan University.

Ewout Lubberman

Business development

Before joining LeydenJar Technologies, Ewout was an associate at NPM Capital, a leading Dutch private equity investment firm. Ewout holds a MSc. Applied Physics and a BA. Philosophy and completed his studies at the University of Groningen and Stanford University.

Nicole Verbeek


Experienced financial professional, working experience with Shell and Stork.

Internship battery R&D (Leiden)

Job offer

Work to further improve our cell technology – (Applied) University level, minimum 5 months. Interested? Please contact us.

Dan Luo

Battery scientist

MSc in chemical engineering at Huaqiao University.

Frans Ooms

Lab management

Ir in material science & technology at Delft University of Technology, extensive experience in battery & laboratory technology.

Zhaolong Li

Battery scientist

PhD in electrochemistry at the Delft University of Technology.

Tirza Soute

Data scientist

MSc in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam.

Arjen Didden


PhD in nanotechnology at the Delft University of Technology, worked with engineering company in the energy industry.

Joris Maas

Process engineer

Ing in chemical engineering of Fontys University of Applied Sciences. Background in process engineering with Philips, NXP, and Holst Centre.

Internship process engineering (Eindhoven)

job offer

Work to further improve our PECVD technology platform – (Applied) University level, minimum 5 months. Interested? Please contact us.

Rob Boer

Equipment engineer

Experienced equipment engineer in PECVD with background in solar cell equipment.

Jolanda van Duijvenbode


Background in chemistry.

Tom van der Wielen


Background in Artificial Intelligence and IT.

Tom Homewood

Battery scientist

PhD in electrochemistry at the University of Southampton.

Tijmen Geertsen

Process engineer

BS in applied science at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Background in process engineering.