About us

LeydenJar Technologies: boosting battery energy with pure silicon anodes

We are a spin out venture from energy research center ECN, developing pure silicon anodes that can generate up to 50% more energy density in Li-ion battery cells.

Our proprietary technology is based on the plasma depositioning (PECVD) of nanostructured silicon pillars directly on copper foil. Benefits include up to a tenfold increase in capacity versus existing graphite anodes, mechanically stable during many cycles based on the porous nature of the material, and with the potential for rapid industrialization based on existing PECVD technology currently installed in the Semiconductor- and PV industry.

We are currently working on four topics: a) optimizing the commercial thickness of the anode, b) finding and fitting the best electrolyte, c) proving our technology in pouch cells with > 100 cycles, d) creating manufacturing readiness and preparing our base plant

LeydenJar Technologies successfully closed its seed funding round in September 2016. We expect to initiate our Series A funding in Q2 2017 based on traction with industrial partners.

Our pure Silicon anodes are used in:

Consumer electronics

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Consumer electronics intensively use Li-ion battery cells to enable its mobile use. Constraints in weight and volume on one hand, and increased data processing capability on the other fuel the need for Li-ion battery cells with a much higher energy density.

Electric Vehicles

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The future of Electronic Vehicles, and its rapid adoption by the mass public, are dependent on a significant decrease of battery cell cost per kilometer, and on the expansion of its range. Both require a Li-ion battery cell with a much higher energy density.

Energy storage


Intermittent renewable energy generation needs energy storage solutions to match with energy consumption. If Li-ion battery cells are used to store renewable energy, the power to energy ratio is significantly improved by an increased energy density of the battery cell, especially in applications in which volume and weight and constrained.


The increase of battery energy density (volumetric)

Our anode capacity over graphite anodes (x)

Number of cycles tested (thusfar)

Meet our team

Christian Rood

Christian Rood


Christian Rood founded LeydenJar Technologies BV together with Gabriel de Scheemaker in 2016. General management of LJT.
Dutch, 43. Entrepreneur and sweat investor in a number of technology ventures. MBA
Gabriel de Scheemaker

Gabriel de Scheemaker


Gabriel co founded LJT as part of a number of spin out activities. Business development at LJT.

Dutch, 53. Ex Royal Dutch Shell and Conduit Ventures. MSEE (TU Delft), MBA (NYU)
Dr. Wim Soppe

Dr. Wim Soppe


Inventor of the proprietary production method and material structure of the pure Silicon anode at ECN.

Dutch, 58, Thin film PV development at ECN. Doctoral degree in Physics.
Dr. Klaus Brandt

Dr. Klaus Brandt

Scientific advisor

Technology road map & technology development at LJT.

German, Li-ion battery technology expert with a range of international companies.
Theo Kremers

Theo Kremers

Industry advisor

Industrial partnerships and business development advisor at LJT.
Dutch, serial entrepreneur, former CEO of Nasdaq listed Lithium Technology Corp.